A guide for tradies to protect their business in the digital world


Learn how to implement the right cyber security methods to keep your business safe

Trade businesses today use more digital applications to run daily operations than ever before. With more critical data shared online, tradies are more susceptible to disruptive cyber-attacks and need to properly address cyber security to keep this data safe.

As a business owner it is not only your responsibility to protect your own information but also any sensitive data that belongs to your employees and customers. Without large corporate funding – how can you provide this security?

We've designed this eBook to help you understand the cyber threats that exist and the actions you can start taking today to protect your business.

This eBook covers these key areas:

  • Who are cyber criminals and what do they want?
  • What your cyber vulnerabilities are and how to protect them
  • How your team can can help protect and deter cyber-attackers from your business
  • How to build a well-structured strategy to keep critical data safe
  • What the Australian Government recommends