Watch the TradiePad Tech Talk: Cashflow is King

Your options when it comes to business finance.

Join TradiePad's Managing Director Clinton Cowin in conversation with First Class Capital and Macarthur Finance and Capital as they discuss how to leverage the power of business finance to improve your trade business in our Tech Talk webinar.

Watch for this Tech Talk to learn....

  • Busting the myths around what can be borrowed and how it can be borrowed.
  • Funding solutions for selling your services - finance is not just about buying things.
  • Knowing which lenders to approach or finding the right advisor to guide you.


We have invited two organisations to form a panel for this presentation, First Class Capital and Macarthur Finance and Capital. Both companies have been chosen as they display a wealth of knowledge in Business Finance and each will share their specific expertise on certain products to educate the audience.

Mark and Susan from First Class Capital will explore and discuss:

  • B to C (Business to Consumer) lending that can help with closing sales
  • Supply chain finance options for your ongoing day to day business purchasing
  • Vehicle and equipment funding options Ray representing


Macarthur Finance and Capital will discuss:

  • Good debt vs Bad debt
  • Cash flow funding tools
  • Project funding Property/asset purchase solutions.


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