Watch the TradiePad Tech Talk: Tech For Tradies

Technology is here to stay and we're living through a period that has changed the way the Construction and Services industry does business.

Unfortunately, it's not as easy as downloading an app and off you go. The integrated nature of apps and software these days means that there are many things to consider when planning out the technology that will help transform your operations. The toughest task is often choosing what tech is best suited to your trade business

TradiePad has developed a tried-and-tested structure to the components that need to be combined in order to maximise the benefits that technology can provide. We call this the "Business Technology Platform", and when set up correctly it will become the most valuable and most used tool in your toolbox.

Get your questions ready and join us for a live webinar where we will run through each area of tech you need to consider to achieve a modern, efficient and profitable trade business.

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