Watch the TradiePad Tech Talk: Networking For Tradies

Maintaining a steady stream of work is a must for any trade business. Having access to a network of trusted tradies to draw on when looking for new jobs for your business or hiring other trades to help with projects is essential.

In this Tech Talk we chat with Chris and Stu from Goodwork, a professional networking app for tradies. With 37,000 tradies across Australia, covering more than 70 different trades, joining the Goodwork network will allow you to connect and build relationships with tradies in your local area on a secure and free platform.


Watch for this Tech Talk to learn....

  • Overview of Goodwork
  • Why networking is important for tradies
  • Demo of the Goodwork mobile app - How to sign up, creating a profile and portfolio of work, How to browse jobs or post your own, how to find local tradies for your projects


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